Toni Liberatore West posted on Lex and Joe's timeline:
"Thank you for the outstanding music at our daughter's wedding August helped make it an extra special day for everyone. We are hoping to get up to that area end of Sept. and see a few places you will be playing, and would like to get to sit and relax and enjoy listening to you again... Toni & Cal West (Stellwagen Wedding)"

Dear Lex and Joe,

Thank you so much for an unbelievable session from all of you. We loved it as well as our guests did! We hope in the end you had as good as a time playing for us as we did dancing the night away! Attached are a few comments we received highlighting the great music by Lex & Joe and company! We thought you would enjoy hearing:

THE BAND RIPPED! Don’t even get me going about the “Big Boss Man”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were AWESOME. What a find! THANK YOU FOR A MAGICAL EVENING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s to a lifetime of fun……………………… Carl

Rob, Where did you find that band? They Rocked! Beautiful Wedding. Thank you for inviting us. We had a great time. Hope to see you both very soon.
Peter and Jorunn

Your wedding was Beautiful, Elegant and so much FUN! Thank you for a great time. The Band was awesome; we were on the dance floor the entire time!
Gary and Shannon

Best to you both, Tara and Rob

Hi Lex and Joe,
We have finally received our wedding photos and looking through them we are re-living our fabulous day! Here is a great shot of Ryan and I having a blast to one of your original songs. I have many more photos of you both playing at both our ceremony on Beachmere and at the cocktail hour taken by friends, family, and our photographer (Patrick Macnamara). If you would like some for your website I would be happy to send you links. We enjoyed hearing you play so much that the Sunday following our wedding we went to see you play in York with some friends. Thank you for making our day so special. We will continue to rave about you, and come see you play when we are in the area.

Kate & Ryan Therriault

I wanted to say thank you for your amazing performance at out wedding at the Black Point Inn this summer. Jill and I were talking about how you set the mood perfectly for the jazzy stuff, the "custom" songs and the funkier stuff. We watched the video last night and I was thinking that I wanted to tell you guys what an awesome job you all did and the praise about the music was free-flowing. If there is ever a chance for me to act as a recommendation, I would gladly do so. Wishing you all the best this Holiday Season and thank you once again for doing such an excellent job.

Kevin Runde

Dear Lex,
Just a quick note to follow on from our wedding in Henniker on July 12th - you guys were great, really great. We've been looking at the various photos and videos that people made, and the amount of people on the dance floor speaks for itself - I know that there were not many numbers that I sat out for! You judged the mood and the pace of the evening very well - getting a good light jazzy sound during the dinner, and then ripping into foot stomping blues and swing for the rest of the evening.
It was also really brilliant the way that you were able to jam with my Cabaret-singing brother - both during our first dance, and the impromptu request in the middle of the evening.
Thanks so much to you and the whole band....

Paul & Teresa Osborn

Hey Lex,

I just wanted to thank you and the guys one more time for helping to make our wedding an absolute blast and great success!!! Everyone loved the band. People who had never seen you guys before were asking me where I found such a great band and I told them I searched the internet for hours, just kidding. Anyway thanks again and hope all is well. By the way, tell Joe the cd came out great and it was definitely one of the best presents we got!

Thanks and take care,

Jeremy and Stephanie Roux

-- Original Message ----- From: "Donna Daly"
Subject: wedding CD

Hi Lex,
We just want to thank you for sending us such a nice CD of our wedding! Its great to have a recording of Brad playing the harmonica (even though he was very rusty!), and of your band.

Again, you guys were great!

Thanks alot,

Donna & Brad Scott

---- Original Message ----- From: John Cyr
Subject: Wedding Recovery

Dear Lex,
John and I are still in recovery from all the fun we had on our wedding day(and the entire weekend). I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that THE NIGHT LIFES ROCK! The band was great - we had so much fun I can't tell you. We loved the music(including the cocktail hour by Lex and Joe) - and so did all of our guests(except one grouchy old guy who doesn't know what's up- ask John about that guy). Anyway, so many people loved you - that I am giving them your website -because they want to order your CDs. Also, one friend loved you guys so much that he will be contacting you for another party.

Thanks again- Love Kerri C.

----- Original Message ----- From: Melissa and Bob Greenwood
Subject: Wedding Recovery

"The wedding was incredible! Everyone was blown away by our ceremony (in the best sense of the word!), but the other thing everyone talked about all night, and are still talking about, was THE BAND!!! Lex and the Nightlifes, were so awesome- perfect, hip, cool,nice, nice guys, and sooo gooood!!! they were downright slick!!!!They were the absolute best! Everyone kept saying,"wow, they're good...where did you find them?!!!" "they are the Best band!" Everyone danced all night, the floor was never empty! The youngest teenagers were dancing and having an awesome time, along with the eldest of our party (well into their eighties!) Thank you so much.


Melissa and Bob Greenwood"

---- Original Message ----- From: Anne A. Fickling
To: Plan B Productions
Subject: A great time with Blueswing!

Dear Annie: Sorry for the delay in responding to you. We had a hectic time post-wedding, and then a delayed honeymoon in Ireland. We wanted to get back to you with a very enthusiastic report about Lex and Joe's Blueswing. They were everything we'd hoped for, and we were very pleased. Lex was very cool and receptive to our musical requests. He and the band were great at modulating the mood and volume of the music to the pace of the reception. We were pleased with his rendition of our first-dance song, Cole Porter's "Night and Day" -- we understand the band brushed up on the song just for our day. The band played a nice range of jazzy dinner music early on before switching over to the hotter rhythm-and-blues, blues, and swing tunes which initially drew our attention when we heard their demo tape. It was a seamless transition. The band got rave reviews from our guests, with such comments as, "This band is kickin'!", "Can we get these guys to come all the way from Maine to Toronto?" and "We want to throw a party and have these guys play!" People were out on the dance floor and cutting the rug. Lex was funny and gracious -- at one point, the band was asked to turn down the volume, because the reception was held in a museum, and a movie was being shown on the next floor down. Lex accommodated the request without a problem. We also were impressed that the band made the entire round-trip from Maine, and performed, in one day. Definitely professionals. We were pleased that the band played so many Van Morrison tunes....

Overall, we think we got a very good value for the money. We'd be happy to re-send this email to you as a signed letter of recommendation if you would like. And thanks to you, Annie, for your responsiveness in dealing with us.


Anne and Jeff Brainard Washington, DC 20009

---- Original Message ----- From:Emma Clark

Dear Lex,

My name is Emma Clark, and I'm 16 years old from England. I saw you playing at a bar near the Eagle mountain house when I was on holiday in New England 2 years ago. Me and the rest of my family enjoyed it so much that we bought the album "Whats All These Blues About". I am the one who has played the album over and over again and I love it! I was never really into jazz and blues before but now I can't get enough. I wanted to let you know how much I still play and really enjoy your music. I play the guitar and I want to be a musician, I have written quite a few songs, and a few have been jazz, and blues inspired!
So thankyou for your music, I love it!!
lots of love,


Message from Lisa: Hi, Lex and Joe! You two were an amazing hit at our party-- everyone LOVED YOU!!! Hope we can do it again... Thanks again for everything (especially the download of "Always and Forever" song and putting up with me singing with you!~) With my appreciation, Lisa and Wes

----- Original Message ----- From: Jackie Connerty
Subject: International Women's Club Arts Evening

Dear Lex and Joe-The telephone has been ringing all day with calls from club members, telling me how much they enjoyed your performance. You were great! Once again, thank you so much for playing for our group with so little notice.


Jackie Connerty

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